Show Yourself Kindness

This week in class we have been focusing on kindness.

What is the first thing you do when you wake in the morning, I asked?

Do you spend a few minutes slowly waking and focusing on breath or do you wait for the 5th snooze and then shoot out of bed, rushing to get to work?

Do you spend a few minutes looking in the mirror and telling yourself “I love you” (you may laugh, but I am 100% serious) or do you criticise one to every single part of your body before you have even left the second room in the house?

Do you repeat some affirmations or do you turn the TV on and get bombarded with the news?

Do you nourish your body with a hot lemon drink or do you hit yourself up with caffeine?

Do you read something inspiring or pick up your phone and scroll through other peoples “stuff” to feel connected?

What is the very first action you can take to show yourself that YOU matter, that YOU are worth it?.

Remember, there will, be, resistance!  Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually.

Emotionally – You may think you are not good enough to be kind to yourself.  I am going to tell you right now that you are!  You didn’t come her by chance, YOU ARE A MIRACLE!  Your mind may constantly be running in overdrive to let you know that who you are is not enough, YOU ARE ENOUGH!  You are 100% enough!  Something happened to me recently…..I had to leave a Yoga class because I was having a panic attack, it doesn’t happen often but when it does, Bam, it hits like a wall.  As soon as I got home I wrote to a private yoga group that I am a part of.  I told them about my whole experience I said “I guess I still have a lot of shit to sort out” one of the girls responded “we all have a lot of shit to sort out, that is why we are here”. YES!  That is why we are here!  We all have our “stuff”, (when I use this word I am not minimising the extraordinary pain that can be attached) we all mess up and make mistakes, we hurt people and people hurt us but at some point we have to forgive ourselves, be kind to yourself, you are human, you are enough!

Physically – Did you know that you could be addicted to your own chemicals?

We all know that we can get addicted to drugs that we can take but we can also get addicted to those chemicals inside our bodies.  Check out the following video, it is hugely interesting and super empowering to know this kind of information.

The reason we don’t always get past the 5th day is not an accident, there is something happening on a biological level.  I love this, please have a watch.  When we start to feel uncomfortable we need to push through, this is the time when being kind means being a little tough on ourselves xx

Lastly Spiritually, we all have EGO, and therefore we resist.

In short (a life times work wouldn’t cover this) Wayne Dyer calls the EGO Edge God Out.  Of course, when we Edge God Out, we are not being kind to ourselves, we are separating ourselves from the source that gave us life (God does not have to be a religious Deity, it is YOUR God, HigerSelf, Universe, Source, the name you give this is your own to hold), and we are focusing on that which is important to the EGO, what others think of us, what we have and what we do.  Would you base a friendship on what your friend has and does?  So why would you judge yourself on these same “qualities”?!

What can you change to your morning routine to tell yourself that you matter?  Be aware of the resistance and be kind to yourself.  Keep going, you are enough.

Sending all my love as always,
Lou xx

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