Soul Shift Barre Retreat

Where time stands still and you give yourself permission to slow down, breath and heal.

“When we think the same thoughts, we perform the same actions, and create the same experiences and emotions. There is a principle in neuroscience that says the same nerve cells that fire together wire together, if you keep repeating the same states of mind and body over and over again your brain begins to fire in the same sequences, patterns and combinations” (Dr. Joe Dispenza). Meditation is there to change these thought patterns and create a new life.

Dr. Joe Dispenza absolutely changed my life, without a doubt.  Having spent 27 years of my life with crippling anxiety I now feel completely free and I would love to share my experience of healing in the hope to inspire you.

Soul Shift Barre is a winning combination of exercise and meditation to heal mind, body and soul.

This is your time to honour how important you are, your time to hold space for YOU, to create an openness and allow for healing, this is YOUR TIME.


Soul Shift Barre Retreat Whitsundays

Getting back to nature at the Glorious Cape Hillsborough National Park.  This retreat is a soul searching journey with amazing woman, supporting, loving and holding space for each other.

Days will include an introduction to Soul Shift Barre, here we use strengthening exercises dancers use for a strong body, using all body weight for long and lean results.  Definitely no dance experience required.  We also spend time in beautiful restorative poses under the stars and replenish with yummy food to nourish the mind body and soul.

We have sunrise meditation and sunset Yoga Nidra.  The ocean is beautiful and refreshing after class or soulful meditation.  I will also share my story with you and this will be an opportunity to share yours in a safe space, if you feel you would like to.

What other Soul Shift Warriors are saying…….

I just experienced my first ever Soul Shift Retreat and it was truely incredible. I absolutely LOVED it. I feel calm, grounded, nurtured and empowered. Thank you to Lou our beautiful facilitator for such a wonderful weekend. I can not recommend it highly enough. AMAZING!!! – Maggie Laurie Spark

Soul shift retreat is an amazing experience and I definitely recommend it for everyone to try this. Soothing, relaxing, soul-searching, great way to meet others, packed full of different sessions, healthy food and a breathtaking back drop. Lou is warm, caring and full of helpful knowledge.  By the time the retreat ends you won’t feel the same as when you arrived!  – Sophie Mac

I’ve just returned from my first Soul Shift Retreat in Cape Hillsborough and it was absolutely FANTASTIC! This three day experience has completely changed me for the better. It has refreshed my soul. Thank you to Lou for hosting such a beautiful experience. I’ve connected not only with my true self, but also with the other beautiful souls who attended the retreat who I know will be great friends for life. Do yourself a favour and attend her next retreat … you deserve it and you definitely won’t regret it. Five stars – Renée Buhagiar

The more you put into this whole experience the more you will get out of it!  We will find the stillness that rests within.  Trust in the process and you will feel the shift.


Everything is included apart from your tent/camper/swag.  Options for a cabin are also available, but limited, please email for details on this option.


Your food is prepared by none other than ‘Simply Yum”, veggie, homemade, nutritious delicious!!

The investment for your all inclusive 2 day, 2 night Soul Shift Barre Retreat May 28th-30th  is $500.  Receive $50 off if you book before the end of January.

For bookings please email


Soulful Day Sail Retreat

Craving some self-care? Hit pause for collaboration between Soul Shift Warrior and OzSail Whitsundays, to experience a relaxing retreat with a group of connected like-minded people.

Sailing to Dryander National Park, you have the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of the national park along with the stunning stretch of beach overlooking the crystal blue ocean surrounding the Whitsunday Islands.

Relax, Rejuvenate, and reconnect. Enjoy a day of letting go, meditation, gentle stretching, swimming, connection, and movement to allow you to escape from the pressures of work and family duties.

This sensation sailing retreat caters to a total of 12 guests for an intimate experience including all homemade vegetarian meals prepared by a local catering business in the Whitsundays.

Join us for this beautiful one-day experience of getting back to nature and full relaxation for just $220!


For bookings please email