Soul Shift Barre


Class times are Tuesday 10.15am, Wednesday and Thursday at 6.45pm and are held at The Old Church at The Fitness Venue.

You receive a weekly email from me full of inspiration!

I will be there to guide you and will be available for you if and when you need.

The investment is paid on a monthly basis –

2 classes a week – $147


Soul Shift Barre also offers Personal Training

30 minutes – $50

Personal Training is based on YOUR goals.

This is different from Barre class training unless that is what you require in a one on one session.


14 Classes to Achieve A Dancers Body

Your 14 day program begins the day you order it!

You will receive an email from me everyday for two weeks with a half hour Soul Shift Barre class.


One guided meditation

One “I Am” meditation – Dr. Wayne Dyer.

One of my biggest passions is to bridge the gap between East and West, to teach that meditation is an extremely useful tool and not just something Yogis practice for spiritual enlightenment.  It has changed my life without a doubt. For 27 years I lived with anxiety which was taking over my life.  Through meditation I have been able to re-wire my brain, by changing the pathways and therefore messages that were being sent . This has brought a life of freedom, clarity and peace.

From me to you

14 half hour Soul Shift Barre classes

2 meditations

You will need

A towel, water, 1kg weights (optional), resistance band (optional)


In your home

The investment is $50 (AUS), only 100 courses available!  You can purchase this course anywhere in the world, we currently have students in Canada,  New Zealand, the UK, and here in Australia!