Breath And Be Still

Can you believe we only use our conscious mind 5% of the time!  Which means we are using our subconscious 95% of the time.  Our subconscious is where we have all our programming, walking, eating, driving etc. but also the “stuff” that makes us “tick”, you know, those habits we learnt from those close to us when we were only tiny, those behaviours and thought patterns that developed  throughout those early years when we were a sponge soaking everything up from those who we thought had it all figured out.  The conscious brain is where we are creative, where we are inspired, are aware and notice, it is where the magic happens, but if we are only living in this 5% of the time how can we change the programs of the subconscious??  By being mindful, I’m not talking about just living in the now, I am talking about being present and noticing what we are doing, our behaviours, what we are saying, what we are saying to ourself!!  (BIG ONE!) …..then and only then are we able to change……we have to be AWARE!
How do we become aware?  More focused? on behaviours, thoughts and emotional triggers? By being mindful, and to become more mindful we use meditation.  This is when those thoughts and triggers will come in and we can NOTICE them, we are no longer running on a program.  The thoughts come in, we can observe and allow them to pass through without judgement.  Sometimes this form of meditation can be triggering and too overwhelming to start with, if this is the case you might like to use an affirmation “all is well in my world”, “I am safe” “I choose love” “everything is working out for me”.  You could always try a couple of different styles and see what works best for you.  The fact that your brain waves are slower when you are in this state will inevitability give your mind a chance to be more aware.


This is not some hocus pocus that is somewhere out there but not for us.  This is neuroscience.  If you chose not to do this because it’s just not something you enjoy that is another story.


I know that this works people.  I have used meditation and affirmations to completely turn my world around.  I will go into this more face to face in class, but short story is……I was living a life that was not only destroying me and stopping me from really seeing the world for what it is, it was also affecting others around me.  There is no blame here, I was terrified and to check out I used habits that I learnt when I was only a very young girl who was terrified of the world around her.  These habits were running like programs day in, day out and causing more and more anxiety perpetuating the problem.  Meditation and using affirmations got me to a place where I felt safe.  I also mentioned over the last couple of days about possibly changing the program/filter, flipping thoughts on their heads and changing them to something completely the opposite, something positive.  Over time our behaviours, thoughts, emotional triggers can be changed.  It takes time, it’s challenging, its bloody scary, its uncomfortable, but if you want to change something, you can, and if you do want to, don’t let another day go by without looking at how you can.  If this requires therapy then please make that change today otherwise you will be in the same position this time next year or even after that.


Please note that I am not licensed in psychology, psychotherapy.  The information I give is on self study, development and growth, which has changed my personal experience.


I am loving every time I get to see you and connect with you!


All my love,

Lou xx

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