Meet Lou

My journey began when I was 3!  A tiny ballerina in a local ballet school who had no idea where dance would lead…. performing, opening and teaching at my own dance school for 8 years, personal training for 10 and finding my home which is the place where my mind is quiet, I find peace and I connect to something which is beyond words, I call it “Source”.

In ballet class, the barre warm up was more than just exercise, it was a connection through the music, even at the young age of 7 I was meditating without knowing!  Throughout life I always felt there was something “more”, being on the journey to find it hasn’t always been easy but boy is it rewarding.  Through my absolute darkest times I have found my biggest learnings, and being grateful for that which has sent me to rock bottom has turned my life around and propelled me to where I am now, to help YOU.  I want to help you live the life that you were born to live.  Combining exercise and meditation is how Soul Shift Barre keeps your mind, body and soul healthy.  After you have worked your butt off, you are rewarded with the best gift you can give to yourself, TIME FOR YOU!  A safe space where time stands still and you give yourself permission to slow down and breathe.



Lou has created a class, a space, where mind, body and soul are nourished equally.  Studying, performing and teaching for 37 years she has fused this with meditation, not only for spiritual awakening but for wellness of the mind, this is a winning combination for health, well being and LOVING LIFE.

Throughout the class Lou uses strengthening exercises that you would use in a dance class, however there is no actual dancing, combinations or routines, it doesn’t require dance experience, co-ordination or flexibility.  Anybody can do the class, exercises can be adapted either way, if the body needs a little help, or if it needs more of a challenge.
Throughout the Barre we will work towards a lean and toned body and once this is complete comes the stretch and meditation, the gift of peace, energy and freedom.


Lou is focused on bridging the gap between east and west, mysticism and neuroscience.  Teaching that meditation is not only a gateway to peace and freedom and ultimately spiritual enlightenment, it is a tool to develop the mind and help with numerous activities including:

  • Staying calm
  • Relieving stress and other mental health issues
  • Sleep
  • Changing thoughts, behaviours and emotional triggers
  • Getting “IT” done
  • Procrastination
  • Addiction

When we think the same thoughts, we perform the same actions, and create the same experiences and emotions. There is a principle in neuroscience that says the same nerve cells that fire together wire together, if you keep repeating the same states of mind and body over and over again your brain begins to fire in the same sequences, patterns and combinations (Dr. Joe Dispenza). Meditation is there to change these thought patterns and create a new life.